Squeezebox Server 7.5.3 Gentoo ebuild Produced

Slim Devices' Squeezebox

I have produced a Gentoo ebuild for Squeezebox Server 7.5.3. This is a very minor update over the 7.5.2 that was recently released.

You can find it in my GitHub here:

I'm submitting this for inclusion in the official Portage tree today and so it should be available through Portage in a couple of days or so.


query 7.7

It is of course completely up to you whether or not to produce the
squeezeboxserver-7.7 ebuild ... but I was wondering if you've
given any thought to it

Thanks for the comment. It's

Thanks for the comment. It's definitely on my radar but work is proving quite time consuming.

I've not forgotten and will put some work into this soon. I understand there may be some difficulty with some addition package dependencies (the bane of my life with the ebuild!), and I'm not much looking forward to digging into that again...


great news that you're still

great news that you're still on it ... hope you can find the time
(I know how hard that can be :) )