LazySearch 3.5.2 Released

Lazy Search Music plugin logo

I have released version 3.5.2 of the LazySearch Music plugin for SqueezeCenter.

This is a bug-fix release that provides the ability to create MusicIP mixes from the results of a keyword search. Other than that there should be no change.

As usual you can get it early from my plugin repository (, or you can wait for it to be updated within the official plugin repository (Logitech usually do that a few days following the release here).

For those of you that manually install their plugins instead, you can download it from here:


Dead link

Just thought I'd let you know: The more info link from the lazysearch listing on the extension downloader is pointing to a dead page on your site.

Never mind, just didn't want

Never mind, just didn't want to load for me for a some reason. Fine now.

Thanks for the report. As it

Thanks for the report. As it happens my ISP has had a failure for the last 24 hours which has only just been resolved. Of all the days for the server connection to go down it would be when a new Squeezebox Server version has been released!

Normal service should now be resumed...