Lazy Search Plugin for SqueezeCenter 7.1 Released

Lazy Search Music plugin logo

I have issued a small update to the Lazy Search Music plugin so that it works on both SqueezeCenter 7.0 and the upcoming 7.1 release. Apart from that there are only relatively minor internal tweaks that you shouldn't make any visible difference.

You can find it in the usual place:


Great work, Thank You again

I upgraded to SC 7.1.0 yesterday, then this morning I tried to search and had to use the clumsy stock standard search. What a pain.
However a quick search of the forums found one of your posts, then click on your home page, download, unzip, overwrite existing, stop SC and start and away it goes!
Why isn't Lazy Search Plugin included in the basic install ?

Thanks for the feedback - I

Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it. The plugin is licensed under the GPL so it can be included in the standard SqueezeCenter build if Logitech ever wanted to.