Gentoo Logitech Media Server ebuild moving to an overlay

Slim Devices' Squeezebox

I posted this to the 'unix' Logitech Media Server forum in 2012 but, as I've just managed to get access to this blog again(!) I've reproduced the announcement here for the benefit of any travellers coming this way.

I've been maintaining the ebuilds for LMS (and before that Squeezebox Server, and before that SlimServer...) for a few years and I'm now moving the ebuild from the main Portage tree to a new overlay called 'squeezebox' that I maintain. This has little real effect on users of the ebuild (it's currently exactly the same ebuild as the one in the main Portage tree), but mitigates some of the problems I had with that ebuild being in the main tree due to the number of libraries it bundles.

If you currently use the ebuild then you'll see no difference but you should enable the 'squeezebox' overlay to ensure you pick up newer versions as they'll now only be made available via the overlay. The ebuild will also shortly be removed from the main Portage tree and so it will only be available via the overlay.

If you don't yet use the ebuild on Gentoo but want to, then you can emerge it ('logitechmediaserver-bin'), once you've enabled the 'squeezebox' overlay.

If you're unfamiliar with overlays in Gentoo then they're pretty easy and clear instructions are available here:

In summary, if you don't yet use Layman (the tool to manage overlays) then you can install it as follows (add "dev-vcs/git" to the end if you don't yet have git installed because this is used to manage the overlay):
emerge -a app-portage/layman

Once you've got Layman installed you can add the overlay as follows:
layman -a squeezebox

The current version of the ebuild is identical to one currently in Portage (7.7.2-r2); I'm hoping to include an update to pull in the latest stable 7.8 development version soon (this has been quite stable for me).

You can then install the ebuild from the overlay in the usual way:
emerge logitechmediaserver-bin