AutoRescan 1.1 Released

Slim Devices' Squeezebox

I've just released AutoRescan 1.1 to my plugins repository ( This is a small change that just updates the compatibility information to mark it as compatible with the newly-released Squeezebox Server 7.5.0.



Hey Stuart! Thanks for this plugin, I became addicted to the feature in 7.6 and was sad to see it taken out. Never fear, this works great. One request - any chance we could get monitoring for the playlist directories as well? I sync playlists from various iTunes instances (eugh!) onto the SBS box and it would be great if it could pick up the changes automatically. In the meantime I have a script using inotify myself to force a rescan via the cli.

Support LMS 7.7

Any chance of an update to your great plugin? I'm missing the feature seeing as Logitech removed the inbuilt support in 7.7

Your plugin currently fails in a couple of ways: first this error on plugin load:

[11-11-30 13:50:24.0387] Slim::Utils::Misc::getAudioDir (663) Error: getAudioDir is deprecated, use getAudioDirs instead
[11-11-30 13:50:24.0399] Slim::Utils::Misc::getAudioDir (663) Backtrace:

frame 0: Slim::Utils::Log::logBacktrace (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Utils/ line 663)
frame 1: Slim::Utils::Misc::getAudioDir (/var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/AutoRescan/ line 188)
frame 2: Plugins::AutoRescan::Plugin::addWatch (/var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/AutoRescan/ line 137)
frame 3: Plugins::AutoRescan::Plugin::initPlugin (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Utils/ line 339)
frame 4: (eval) (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Utils/ line 339)
frame 5: Slim::Utils::PluginManager::load (/usr/sbin/squeezeboxserver line 562)
frame 6: main::init (/usr/sbin/squeezeboxserver line 643)
frame 7: main::main (/usr/sbin/squeezeboxserver line 1158)

And when iNotify triggers a rescan, LMS actually rescans all folders instead of just the changed ones.

If I have time I'll look at the code myself, as I'm learning Perl.

Many thanks!

I had a few minutes spare so

I had a few minutes spare so I've produced version 1.3 (in my repository now). This should support multiple audio directories on LMS 7.7+. I'll take a look at narrowing the rescan to what has changed when I get a chance.


Thanks for the note. I'm

Thanks for the note. I'm hoping to look into this when I have some time (which is difficult at the moment, sadly).

I've got some notes for how to only scan changed folders:

See Slim::Utils::Autorescan. It batches up the the filenames, extracts the unique directory names, then calls Slim::Utils::Scanner::Local passing a list of those folders. I could probably base it on this same code.

I'll try to get around to this soon, when work isn't quite so bad.

Squeezebox Repository


I've added this:

to my SqueezeBox Server plug-ins repository (in order to update AutoRescan v1.1 which fails with a "404 Not Found: plugins/Extensions/settings/plugins/AutoRescan/settings/basic.html" error) but it finds NO plug-ins, let alone any updates! This is a Windows XP-based server implementation (not Linux, et al) so, given Stuart seems to build predominantly for the Linux community, perhaps it's summat I'm doing!

Any advice gratefully received...


Steve E Crane at Yahoo dotty co dotty uk

PS I've tried manually re-installing AutoRescan several times (including the older version) but to no avail. I've even tried manually moving around some of the underlying files in case one of them was corrupt. Again, no joy!

Failure to access AutoRescan plugin repository

Sorry you're having trouble.

That repository does exist - you can try putting that URL into your web browser to see the contents of it. Note that the URL you pasted had a bracket and full-stop at the end, so hopefully that's just a cut/paste error or that'll be the source of the problem.

If you look at the AutoRescan definition near the end you'll see it's marked as compatible with Linux and Windows, for Squeezebox Server versions up to 7.5.x. Make sure you're not running 7.6 (7.6 includes equivalent features that mean this plugin should no longer be necessary).

Failing that, I would turn on the extensions debug logging in the server settings and then try again - that may help to explain why it thinks there are no compatible plugins there.