Nightly Download and Installation Script

Note: Since SlimServer 6 I have been using Subversion to track nightly builds. I would recommend this over the approach documented here as it has two main advantages: it only downloads the differences, and it allows you to preserve local modifications to the SlimServer source. However, I've left this page here as it may be of use to somebody. Subversion is widely available for Linux and Windows, and information on the SlimServer repository is here.
Like many people, I run recent nightly releases of SlimServer, which Slim Devices make available every day.
To ease downloading and installation of these releases I have written the script This script performs the following steps:

  • Downloads the latest nightly tarball (although you can specify a previous specific version if you'd rather not use the absolute latest);
  • Stops the currently running SlimServer;
  • Installs the updated SlimServer files;
  • Clears the SlimServer HTML cache;
  • Records the installation of the nightly in a log file, so you never forget which version you have installed if you need to post for support;
  • Finally, restarts the new build of SlimServer.


  • 4/1/2005. Updated for the recently reorganised SlimServer nightly builds directory structure, and removed patching of convert.conf (as this is now supported by SlimServer directly).
  • 5/9/2004. Initial version.

You are free to download and make use of my scripts in any way you like - just credit me if you make something more useful out of them.

  • A script to download and install the latest nightly release of SlimServer.

This script is somewhat specific to my Gentoo Linux configuration, and so may require some modification before it can be used on other Unix-like systems. As it is written in Bash script, it may be difficult to use this on Windows machines.

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