Using the Lazy Search Plugin


The plugin is modelled closely after the standard search functionality available through your player and so should be pretty self-explanatory without too much guideance. The following shows a worked example of a search, which should teach you all you need to know.

Entering the plugin menu or pressing the SEARCH button (which the plugin has remapped) leads to a menu showing "Artists", "Albums", "Genres", "Songs" and "Keywords":


Choose the type of search desired then press RIGHT. This leads to a display inviting you to enter the search required:


As we're searching for songs we're going to try to find the wonderful "Several Special of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" - clearly a mouthful when searching using the standard method! We're going to enter the search string "SEVE" as we think that'll narrow things quite well. Indeed, after entering this search by pressing the buttons "7383" the display shows that it's found 15 tracks (out of my library of about 6800 songs at the time):


Thinking that we're just one button away we add the letter "R" by pressing "7", which narrows the search this time to just three results:


As three is an easy number to scroll through we now just scroll down until we find the track we want. In this case it's the last of the three:


At this point we can press PLAY, ADD or INSERT (INSERT is achieved by holding down ADD) as for normal searching. We're just going to play it:


And in no time that Pict is grooving!

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