Hints and Tips


  • The "0" (zero) button can be used to enter a space into the search text.
  • A long press of the "0" (zero) button can be used to separate multiple keywords in a keyword search.
  • While the search results are displayed you can press RIGHT to browse into the displayed item as for normal searches.
  • If you've configured the plugin to make the SEARCH button access the lazy search music menu, you can press SEARCH a second time to access the standard search music menu, which might be useful if you still want to use that method occasionally.
  • If you've not yet entered enough characters to meet your minimum length before searching, you can force a search by pressing the SEARCH button. This might be useful, for example, if you have a very large music library and want to avoid slow searches of songs - simply set the minimum search length for songs quite high and then the search won't happen until you press the SEARCH button after entering your search 'text'.
  • You can tell when you've entered enough text to make the plugin perform the search as "*" (asterisk) symbol will appear in the top-right of the display (if you are in a two-line display mode).
  • If you've configured the LEFT button to delete the search text characters, you can hold it down to quickly delete all entered characters.

If you've any suggestions for more hints and tips then just let me know and I'll add them here.

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