Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

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If you've questions not answered here then feel free to ask me. You can do that in a number of ways:

  1. Email me.
  2. Post on Slim Devices' 3rd Party Plugins forum.
  3. Open a new ticket here (use the toolbar at the top of the page), with a type of 'question'.

I'll add new questions and answers to this page as and when I answer anything.


1   Versions and Installation

1.1   What operating systems will this plugin work on?

I know for a fact it works on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. There should be no reason why it won't work on any system that SqueezeCenter will run on, but if you're having any difficulty on other platforms then just let me know.

1.2   How do I install the plugin?

See the separate instructions on the InstallingLazySearch page.

1.3   How do I upgrade the plugin?

Simply replace the plugin file for the updated version, and that should be it. If the format of the database entries added by the plugin have changed then it will automatically refresh the lazification in the database.

1.4   How do I uninstall the plugin?

You'd be mad to, obviously, but if you insist then you can simply uninstall it by deleting the file you copied to your Plugins directory (Windows users may need to stop the server first so that the file is no longer in use). There is no need to clear and rescan the database.

Alternatively, if you just want to turn off the plugin for while, you can turn off the plugin on the "Server Settings->Plugins" page of the SqueezeCenter web interface.

1.5   I'm getting a "404 not found" error when trying to access the plugin settings - how do I fix it?

The symptom of this is that you get the error 404 Not Found: settings/plugins/LazySearch2/settings/basic.html error when you try to access the plugin settings. This can happen following an upgrade of either the plugin or SqueezeCenter itself.

The fix for this is to stop SqueezeCenter and manual empty the cache folder. The location for that folder will differ depending on the type of your server, but will be something like the following:

  • Linux - /var/lib/squeezecenter/cache
  • Windows - Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SqueezeCenter\Cache
  • Mac OS X - Home > Library > Caches > SqueezeCenter folder

Note that, depending on your platform, this may mean you need to rescan your music to rebuild the SqueeezeCenter database as well as reset your server and player preferences.

1.6   Am I better off with SlimServer 6.2.x/6.3.x + LazySearch 1.x or SqueezeCenter 6.5.x/7.0 + LazySearch 2.x?

The major difference between the two versions is the addition of keyword searching with the 2.x versions; apart from that, the functionality is very much the same (bar one or two minor visual things, I think), and the search performance should be about the same. Database 'lazification' is quicker in 2.x due to the new database columns, but since that happens in the background I'd be surprised if anyone ever noticed unless they had a huge library.

There's one remaining bug in 1.x that can't practically be fixed without SqueezeCenter 6.5.x/7.0, which is that if you add music to your library and then use the Browse Music Folder function to let SqueezeCenter see it for the first time, you'll notice that the server records this as a new artist (even if you've already got albums by that same artist) - leading to duplicate entries in the database. Either a complete database clear-and-rescan, or introducing the new music through a scan-for-changes instead would solve that, however.

Now that SlimServer 6.5 and SqueezeCenter 7.0 has been released as a stable and supported version, however, I would recommend upgrading to that and using an appropriate LazySearch 2.x plugin. That combination is much more reliable and there have been a lot of improvements in SqueezeCenter that you'll want to take advantage of as well.

2   Debugging and Testing

2.1   You've asked me to send you my database so you can look at it - how do I do that?

If I've asked you to export and send me your MySQL database then see the ExportingYourDatabase page.

2.2   How do I enable debugging of your plugin during startup?

If you're using SlimServer 6 then you just need to pass "--d_plugins" as a parameter to SlimServer when you're starting it.

If you're using SqueezeCenter 7, then you can instead pass "--debug=plugin.lazysearch2" to achieve the same thing.

3   Usage

3.2   Will this slow down the database scan?

No. The Lazy Search plugin does nothing during the normal database scan (whether that's a complete clear-and-rescan, or a scan-for-changes), and only starts to update the database after the normal scan has finished.

3.3   Will this work with my huge library?

I don't believe you'll have any problems with this plugin and large libraries. I've had reports of it being used with more than 90,000 tracks without problems, and I wouldn't be surprised to find people using libraries much larger than that (if you are, let me know!). I understand the keyword search can be a little slow with libraries of this size, but other types of search seem to work well.

3.4   How do I search for text containing spaces?

The 0 (zero) button on the remote control can be used to represent a space. See HintsAndTips for other usage advice.

3.5   Why do all songs in an album get played, when I just picked a single one?

There is a standard SqueezeCenter setting that may be causing this - it's nothing in particular to do with the Lazy Search plugin. If you go to the "Server Settings->Behaviour" page you'll see a setting called "Play other songs in album". Make sure this says "Play only selected song" if that's the behaviour you're after.

3.6   How do I search for short items?

By default, the plugin won't perform a search unless you've entered at least three characters for artist, album and genre searches, or four characters for keyword and song searches. If you regularly search for shorter items, and you have a fast server, you can reduce those defaults in the plugin settings.

An alternative, though, is to leave those defaults as they are and to just press the SEARCH button on the remote control after having entered your short search - that will force a premature search and show you the results as usual.

3.7   How do I use this plugin in conjunction with MusicIP/MusicMagic or MoodLogic?

To create a mix based on a search result (artist, album, song or genre), just press and hold down PLAY on a mixable item until the mix is created. You can identify a mixable item because you'll see an M symbol on the top-right of the player when you're looking at one. Once you've previewed the mix you can then press PLAY again to actually listen to it.

Note that MoodLogic support has been removed in SqueezeCenter 7.0 and so the plugin will not be able to make use of it.

4   General

4.1   Could this be made a standard feature of SqueezeCenter?

Certainly. Since the plugin is licensed under the GPL Slim Devices could just add it to the standard SlimServer release if they wanted. Whether that happens is, of course, up to them alone.

I'd be very pleased in they did, but a credit would be nice. An upgrade from my rusty old SB1(G) to an SB3 or one of those new-fangled Transporters would be even nicer, though!

4.2   How can I be told of new releases?

I'll post to the SqueezeCenter 3rd Party Plugins forum ( when I've made significant changes. You can also look for changes on the Audio Plugins page on the SqueezeCenter wiki (

4.3   That logo at the top of the page is rubbish. Can't you do better?

Sadly, no. Feel free to send me a better one and, if I like it, I'll definitely use it.

4.4   How can I be informed when new versions are released?

Simple - just subscribe to the RSS feed.

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