The plugin has a number of settings that can be seen and changed on the "Server Settings–>Plugins" page on the SqueezeCenter web interface. These settings are as follows:

  • Five separate settings to define the minimum search length for artists, albums, genres,songs and keywords. The reason these settings are present are twofold - on a reasonably-sized music collection with a short search entry the ambiguous search will return more results than are useful (you would spend more time scrolling through the results than you would have spent entering a longer search). The second reason is related in that searches that return a lot of results take longer, so it makes sense to avoid returning a lot of results.
  • The behaviour of the LEFT button can be defined - this will either delete the most recent character entered (like the standard SqueezeCenter search function), or else will exit the plugin. When the LEFT button is configured to delete a character it can also be held down to clear the current search text completely.
  • The behaviour of the SEARCH button can also be defined - it can be set to either enter the lazy search music menu or to enter the original search music menu. Having said that, however, apart from testing this facility works I don't think I've used the original search method once!
  • What aspects of a song's tags are taken into account for keyword searching - artist, album and song names can be separately enabled, and if they are all disabled then keyword searching itself is completely disabled (it won't appear on the player menus).
  • Whether album artists are returned for keyword searches. You would probably want to disable this if you tag compilations with an album artist tag of Various Artists, for example.

Suitable defaults are supplied when the plugin is installed, so you may never need to change these.

There is also a button on the plugin settings page that allows the lazy search database index to be rebuilt. In normal operation this will never need to be used, but if you've managed to interrupt the build of the database then it may be useful. There are alternatives ways of making sure the database is built, however - either restart the server or perform a music library rescan (a 'look for changes' rescan is all that is necessary - not a complete library clear).

In addition to the settings on the plugins page, the following settings on the "Server Settings–>Behaviour" page are also applied:

  • The "Search Within Words" setting controls whether the entered search text will match anywhere, or only at the beginning of words.
  • The "Text Entry Timing" setting defines the time delay between the last character being entered and the search being performed. This delays the actual search until a suitably-long pause in the entry of the search text, again helping to keep the plugin responsive.
  • The "Composer, Band and Orchestra in Artists" setting allows other artist roles to be considered as artists when performing a normal or keyword lazy search. For example, turning on the Conductor setting will allow conductors to be searched for as artists.
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