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General posts about the configuration and state of this website or hosted services.

File Downloads Fixed

I've realised that a permissions problem prevented file attachments from appearing on this site, which might have been confusing. I've fixed that now and so you should be able to download files agian.

"We apologise for the inconvenience."

Moving to Drupal

In light of the recent security problems with WordPress, and because I fancied a change, I've migrated this site to Drupal.

It's quite possible you'll find things that have been broked by the migration - if so just let me know.

Lazy Searching plugin development moved to Trac

I have now moved plugin development into the Trac system. This allows easier integration with the source code management system as well as a more convenient way to edit documentation and track issues.

I've also taken to using real version numbers rather than revision numbers for releases - that should be easier to follow (it was especially confusing with maintenance of the 6.2 branch using revision numbers that made it appear newer than the 6.5 trunk!). Version numbers are as follows:

Email Notifications Now Available

It is now possible to enable an email subscription when add comments on this site. Use this, for example, to be notified of changes to the [Lazy Searching]( plugin page, or similar.

Gallery Re-Registration Required

I've now embedded Gallery2 within WordPress. Unfortunately, this means you'll need to re-register to access the gallery.

The way to do that is to register for this main site (*register* at the bottom of the sidebar), and when I've approved the registration you'll be able to see the contents of the gallery.

Moving to WordPress

I've moved the main body of my site over to Wordpress. If you have any trouble accessing any content then please let me know.

I've tried to ensure that the main old paths are remapped to appropriate permalinks in this new structure, but if I've missed anything just email me.

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