Jive Lazy Search Interface Idea

Jive Lazy Search Idea 1

Whilst I'm waiting for the hardware (it's due today), here's an idea for a Jive-based lazy search user interface. This is based on some ideas I've seen from my car's navigation system, some comments in the forum, and some (slight) creativity on my own part. You can click the image thumbnail for a larger version.

The user can spin the wheel to rotate the characters into the top focus box, and can press the GO or ADD button to add them to the search string. The search string is just displayed as a series of asterisks under the wheel to give an idea of how many characters have been entered (it might be possible to add "ABC" type graphics here, but I'm not sure it would add much clarity). The "-" character will enter a space, and the "-->" might do something else (you can tell I've not thought it through too much!). Pressing the BACK button would remove the last search character. It can be held to remove all search character. Pressing BACK when there is no search string entered will leave the lazy search mode. As search characters are entered the search is performed and the list at the bottom is displayed and narrowed. When the user is happy that the search is constrained enough he can hold the GO button for a couple of seconds and the focus will move into the list at the bottom, whereby he can do all the normal navigation that he can from the normal browse modes. Needless to say, I've not much of an idea how possible this is with the current Jive platform. It should be readable on the screen (the mockup here is the same resolution as the JHB's screen), but I'm not sure how easy it is to add such rich user interface elements. I should be able to find out soon, but comments are welcome.