Jive Hardware Beta

I'm very pleased to say that I've been invited onto the Slim Devices/Logitech Jive Hardware Beta test programme.

One of the recurring comments on the beta forum is in the search performance of the device, especially with large libraries. Given that searching enhancements seem to be my bag with SlimServer (now SqueezeCenter), I'm going to take a close look at that and see what I can do.

Hopefully I can contribute to the core behaviour rather than requiring a specific additional server plugin (as Lazy Search is), or for additional software to be installed on the Jive remote, but I'll have to wait until I get the device to see how practical that is. At any rate, it'll be a chance to play with Lua.

If you're interested in tracking my progress with that then I've created a ticket in Trac here. You're relcome to subscribe to that to receive any updated comments automatically.