Script to maintain a transcoded MP3 tree

I've written a small utility that can be used to maintain a MP3 directory mirror of a FLAC music tree source. This is particularly useful if your main music tree is in FLAC format, but you have a portable music player that needs MP3 format and you don't want to keep transcoding the files.

Using this script, suitably scheduled to run periodically, you'll have an up-to-date MP3 tree that you can just copy files from. Any changes to the source tree (additions, modifications and deletions), are mirrored to the destination tree.

You can find the script and instructions for using it here.


Tried mp3fs?

This is probably old news but mp3fs does this job nicely using FUSE. It basically means you don't have to maintain the two trees, as the MP3 one is 'virtual'.

Indeed I have - the script

Indeed I have - the script here uses it to do the hard work. I used this approach of actually creating an MP3 copy so that I could take the MP3 version off-line on a portable disk or similar - that wouldn't be possible with a simple virtual filesystem alone.

Thanks for the pointer though - mp3fs is good enough to mention more than once!