Updated Lazy Search Plugin

I've updated my Lazy Search plugin again; latest changes are:

  • Includes a better (but still unpleasant) workaround for the duplicate artists bug. This one will still temporarily remove the lazification from the database when music rescans are taking place, but because it now does it in small chunks it won't make the server go unresponsive or cause players to stall. The player/web interface won't immediately report that a rescan is in progress (because I have to delay it until I've removed the artist lazification), but I think I can live with that until a better solution comes along.
  • Changed the way tracks are lazified so that it should no longer trigger a rescan of those tracks by SlimServer. It is hoped this might cure the 'endless rescan' reports. Due to the use of 'lightweighttrack' it may even make the building of the lazy search index faster. Thanks to Steven Moore for the bug report and for testing.
    Added a 'play all' item to the end of each search request (except genres). Playing or adding this will be like playing or adding each item in the search results. Thanks to dfk for the suggestion.
  • Fixed crasher when pressing PAUSE or STOP on a lazy search result list. Thanks to wactuary for reporting it.
    Song search should be faster due to the use of 'lightweighttrack' rather than full-fat track objects.
    More efficient searching for items in the database that require a 'lazy search version' to be created.
  • Pressing SEARCH after a lazy search has already been performed pops back to the lazy search category menu. Previously, this did nothing if there wasn't a 'pending' search (such as a search entered that was below the minimum search length). This means that after searching for something (and possibly adding it to a playlist), you can press SEARCH to start searching for the next thing.