Updated Lazy Search Plugin

I have updated the Lazy Search plugin - changes are as follows:

  • Added German translation by Dieter (thanks for that, Dieter).
  • Added Spanish translation by Nestor (thanks for that, Nestor).
  • Added lazy searching of genres (a new submenu item has been added). Thanks for the suggestion, Nestor.
  • Added a button to the plugin page to force a lazy search index build (shouldn't be necessary with the plugin startup changes, but useful during development and debugging). Thanks for the suggestion ceejay.
  • Pressing the SEARCH button toggles between lazy/normal search menus. So, press it once to get to the lazy search menu, or twice to get to the standard search menu. Thanks for the suggestion Kevin.
  • Pressing the SEARCH button while entering a lazy search string forces a search, even if the entered string is below the defined minimum length in the plugin settings. This is useful if you have a large music collection - set the tracks minimum search length to something high and then you can enter the lazy search text followed by the SEARCH button to avoid lengthy pauses with unnecessary searches that return too many results. (Note that searching for one character is prevented as that really would be useless). Thanks for the suggestion Kevin.
  • The plugin now checks that the database has been "lazified" on startup and will build the lazy search index if not. Should remove the need for the initial music library rescan on first install of the plugin. This might add a delay to the server startup time - this isn't a problem on my collection size but if it causes you a problem let me know and I'll add a preference to disable this feature. Thanks for the suggestion ceejay.
  • Bug fix: corrected some player strings (it was showing 'artists' not 'albums' in some places, and used the term 'tracks' when the HCI standard appears to be 'songs'). Thanks for spotting that, ceejay.
  • Bug fix: fixed display of accented characters in songs (I think it was OK in albums and artists, but wasn't working in songs). Thanks for spotting that Nestor.