Lazy Searching and the Roku SoundBridge

I have had a report that the performance of this plugin for a SlimServer-powered SoundBridge is less than stellar due to the lack of number buttons on the SoundBridge remote control! Needless to say, but the presence of number buttons on your remote control is something of a pre-requisite for this plugin...!

I suspect that it might be possible to use an alternative remote control with the SoundBridge and SlimServer because the latter has support for adding new types of remote control and the actioning of remote control commands is performed entirely by the server, not the player. I've no evidence of that being successful, though, so you're on your own there, but I'd be interested to hear of any success stories (or otherwise).

I have mixed feelings about enhancing the behaviour of the SoundBridge with this plugin - on the one hand I want to make this plugin as helpful as possible to as many people as possible. On the other hand, however, I'm uncomfortable about supporting Roku directly since I'd rather they contributed to the SlimServer development and put something back for the huge investment made by Slim Devices Inc, than just take it and sell a produce built around it. Most of Roku's users are probably unaware of where the software was actually developed, however, so I'll provide them all the help I can.