Lazy Search v2.2 for SlimServer 6.5/7.0 released

I have produced a new version of the Lazy Search Music plugin for SlimServer version 6.5 and 7.0.

This revision is a large update to add support for keyword searches as suggested by Rutt on the Slim Devices' forums.

Keyword searching is useful for finding items when you're not sure whether the text being searched for appears within the artist, album or song name, or when you want to perform an 'AND' search that includes the artist name, album name and the song title (normally you can't specify your search on more than one).

As an example, classical music tagging is often inconsistent in that the composer may be used as the artist, within the album name or as part of the song title which makes searching for all things by Mozart, for example, difficult. However, a keyword search of "mozart" will find anything by the artists "Mozart" or "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart", as well as the album "Complete Mozart Edition" and the track "March from Idomeneo by Mozart".

As another example, you know there's a song about love by Elvis Presley in there somewhere, but don't want to leaf through either all the songs about love, or your extensive Elvis Presley collection. Instead, you can keyword search for "love" and "elvis" (use the '0' button to separate each keyword), and you'll get the focused list you're after.

There is now an additional top-level lazy search menu item for keyword searches, that appears after the existing entry for song searches.

Using keyword searches should be pretty self-explanatory. Multiple words are entered separated by the '0' key, and the results are filtered to those that match all keywords. Note that keywords can match anywhere within the song title, album title or artist name. The results are presented in the normal artist/album/song hierarchy and PLAY/ADD/INSERT is available from the remote control as usual. As an example, the keyword search "5683035847" will perform that Elvis love song search described earlier.

The minimum length of each keyword is four characters by default, but that can be changed through "Server Settings-Plugins" as for the other defaults. Also, you can press SEARCH to force a search even with short keywords (if there are at least two characters).

Note that the lazified database format has changed to support keyword search and this means the database needs to be re-lazified. The plugin will do this automatically the first time it is started (so no manual rescan should be necessary), but be aware that keyword searches won't find all the correct results until that process has completed.

The plugin now mentions both Squeezebox and Transporter as players.

Other changes:

  • A Danish translation has been added (many thanks to Jacob Bang for providing the strings).
  • Fixed a bug with the use of INPUT.Choice - in the past the user may have not entered the list at item 1 if other search lists had been looked at previously.
  • The plugin now mentions both the Squeezebox and Transporter as players.

As always, pile on in and pick it up from here: