Lazy Search v2.1 available for latest Slimserver 6.5 beta

I have now updated the Lazy Search plugin to be compatible with the latest versions of SlimSever (ie since the split-scanner changes were merged into the development trunk).

This is working well for me, and some independent testing was performed by Rutt, so you should find it works OK for you too.

Note that this plugin is only compatible with SlimServer 6.5 (which must be revision 8300 or later); if you're using SlimServer 6.2 or 6.3 you should be using v1.1 of the plugin instead.

You can find this version of the plugin here.

The changelog for this version is as follows:


  • Ticket:12 - major updates to support the 'split-scanner' changes that have now been merged into the SlimServer trunk. Because of this, this plugin will
    not work on prior versions of SlimServer. I've been developing and testing it against a SlimServer that is at least r8300.
  • Fixed crasher when pressing PAUSE or STOP in lazy search entry/browse mode (thanks to Sergio for reporting it).


  • Ticket:6 - Browsing into search results now shows search item name rather than "browse..." on the top line (ticket:6).
  • Ticket:11 - the work timeslice when lazifying the database has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds. This has been done because 0.5 seconds is
    commonly used as the threshold to report as a warning when monitoring for operations that take a long time (this is part of helping to reduce the liklihood of stutters during playback).
  • Cosmetic change to plugin settings text - 'songs' is the accepted SlimServer word (I sometimes used 'tracks').
  • Updated to avoid calling some deprecated methods (which were generating warning log messages), such as the ones in Slim::Web::Setup.
  • With $::d_plugins enabled you get a daft speedometer that tells you how fast the database lazification is running.
  • Some build changes in the Makefile.