Lazy Search Plugin v2.3 Released

I'm pleased to announce v2.3 of the Lazy Search Music plugin for SlimServer 6.5.x and 7.0. The major enhancement in this version is support for the MusicIP mixer (formerly MusicMagic), and there are also a number of other small enhancements and bug fixes.

Brief details of the changes are as follows:

  • The MusicIP mixer is now supported (maybe MoodLogic too - let me know as I cannot test this). Press-and-hold PLAY on lazy search results to produce a mix based on that search result (ticket:9).
  • Fixed keyword search crasher when user has selected all contributor types in "server settings->behaviour". Thanks to Rob McKaughan for reporting it and testing the fix (ticket:51).
  • The database will now automatically be relazified if any of the preferences that affect what is stored in the database are changed - ie those that define what is included in keyword searches (ticket:19).
  • Brief help for how to enter searches is now available on the player (ticket:54).
  • Updated German strings from Dieter. Thanks Dieter.
  • Added Dutch strings from JPdS. Thanks JPdS (ticket:52).

As always, pile on in and pick it up from here: