Lazy Search Plugin v2.2.2 Released

I'm pleased to announce v2.2.2 of the Lazy Search Music plugin for SlimServer 6.5.x and 7.0. This has no major changes, but quite a few minor enhancements and bugfixes. Brief details of the changes are as follows:

  • It should now be possible to search for accented characters with lazy search as they are treated as though they are unaccented (eg "Björk" can be searched for as "BJORK"). Thanks to Kim B. Heino for reporting it and testing the fix.
  • Finnish translation added (thanks very much to Kim B. Heino for the patch). This also corrected a couple of English and Danish string errors.
  • Punctuation is now removed from the lazified version so you can search for "IVE" when the title was "I've" etc.
  • You can now enter keyword searches involving '0' or space characters as well as multiple keywords. A short press of '0' will enter a '0' into the search text (just like any other number), but a long press will enter a ',' to separate different keywords). Thanks Dieter ( for the suggestion and the testing.
  • A new preference and behavior has been added to control whether ALBUMARTISTs are returned in keyword search results. This is useful if you tag compilations with an ALBUMARTIST of "Various Artists" because it's the individual track's artists you're interested in. Thanks to Dieter for testing it.
  • The user's choice of whether COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR and BAND are considered artists is now honoured for normal lazy searches and keyword searches. Thanks to Richard Harnwell for testing.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate results would be returned from keyword searches when there were multiple contributors set the same.
  • Keyword search results will now display song titles formatted in the usual way (so they'll include the track number, for example).
  • New options have been added to the SEARCH button behaviour preference (on 'server settings->plugins'), so that the user can also choose to make it enter a specific search category rather than the category menu. With this he can, for example, press SEARCH and immediately start entering a keyword search. Thanks to Kim B. Heino for the suggestion and testing.
  • The plugin will now automatically re-lazify the database contents if the plugin version is changed. This means you should no longer have to go through a lengthy clear-and-rescan just because you've upgraded the plugin.
  • Added Mac OS X installation instructions (thanks to Zack Shapiro for providing them).

Note that the plugin has now been enhanced to rebuild the lazy search indexing in the database if the plugin version has changed. This means you won't have to perform a tedious clear-and-rescan when you upgrade to this or any newer version of the plugin. As always, pile on in and pick it up from here: