Lazy Search Plugin 3.0b1 Released

I'm pleased to announce v3.0b1 of the Lazy Search Music plugin for SlimServer 7.0. This is the first release that works on the unstable development version of SlimServer, so if you're involved with the development or testing of that version then this is the Lazy Search plugin version you need.

This is a beta release of the plugin and so there may be outstanding problems that I've not found. However, I'm reasonably confident that it works as I've run through my complete test suite and found no outstanding problems.

Note that this is for the development version of SlimServer and, because that version is under continual development, it's possible that this plugin may be broken at any time. If that happens I'll try to make the plugin compatible again as soon as possible.

Changes in this beta release over and above v2.3 of the plugin are as follows:

  • The plugin has now been ported to SlimServer 7.0a1. Note that because this version of the SlimServer is under constant development this plugin is likely to be broken by those ongoing changes. If you're having trouble and you've updated to a later development version of SlimServer then check back to to see if I've released an update.
  • As part of the SlimServer 7 support, the plugin settings are now in their own separate page. This has allowed me to tidy up the layout somewhat. Some of the strings used on this page need translation, so feel free to let me know what you'd like if they don't appear correctly in your native language.
  • Moodlogic support has been dropped in line with its removal from the main SlimServer code. I never received any feedback that it worked anyway.

Note that you should take care when changing the plugin settings since there currently isn't any validation of those settings. That's because I don't believe that there is any framework support present for that yet in the development SlimServer.

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