SqueezeCenter Ebuild on GitHub

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I've greated a public git repository to hold development and release versions of the SqueezeCenter ebuild for Gentoo. I'll push release versions there at the same time that they're submitted for formal inclusion in Portage, but I will also push beta versions that should be stable and will contain changes that will probably appear in future ebuilds. Some ebuilds will appear from time-to-time for nightly releases for SqueezeCenter on the way to support for future released SqueezeCenter versions. Read on for the URLs.

The URL for the git repository is:

There's also an RSS feed that you can watch to be alerted of changes to that repository:

Commits will be tagged with the ebuild version number that they apply to (eg 7.3.2-r1-b1, 7.3.2-r1, 7.3.2) to explain what they're for.