Gentoo Package for SqueezeCenter 7

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I've been contributing Gentoo ebuilds for the developing SqueezeCenter 7 for a while now. You can find them in the official Portage tree under media-sound/squeezecenter. These ebuilds are currently tracking the nightly releases of the stabilising 7.0 branch, which is expected to be officially released soon. When it is released I intend to produce a stable 7.0 version and then continue producing updated ebuilds for nightlies, but tracking the 7.0.1 release that is pretty sure to follow. I'm trying to produce an updated nightly ebuild approximately weekly (read that carefully!). Details of the package are available here: If you're using this package on anything other than x86, amd64 or pcc then please help get the package keyworded for your architecture by filing your success in the following bug: