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Current Versions

Here is the latest version of the plugin for each main version of Squeezebox Server. Be sure to download the appropriate version as they are not cross-compatible (don't worry if you get the wrong one, though, the worst that will happen is that the plugin will fail to load):

  • Squeezebox Server 7.x (the current release version) - install via my plugin repository.
  • SlimServer 6.5.x - sorry, no version is available for this server version.
  • SlimServer 6.2.x and 6.3.x - sorry, no version is available for this server version.

Note that you need to click the links above to visit the page with the actual download - don't "save as..." the above links directly. The same is true for all the download links on this page.

Older Versions

You'll probably never need one, but older versions of the plugin can be found on this page. This page also serves as a place to find references to the changes that were made in each release.

Downloads for SqueezeCenter 7.x

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