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AutoRescan is a plugin (also called an 'extra') for SqueezeCenter from Logitech (the music server previously known as SlimServer from SlimDevices). The standard SqueezeCenter facilities provide two methods of updating your music library if you've made changes (eg added, removed, renamed or retagged the files it contains):

  1. Manually initiate a rescan. This requires you to remember to open the SqueezeCenter web interface and ask for a rescan, which may not be convenient. You may also forget.
  2. Schedule an automatic daily rescan. This means that any changes you make will not be visible through SqueezeCenter until after the next scheduled rescan. That's a pity since you'll probably be very interested in playing that new music as soon as you've added it.

This plugin aims to overcome this by automatically detecting when changes have been made within your music library and rescanning those changes for you. That means all you need worry about is moving and editing your music files - SqueezeCenter now takes care of the rest.

System Requirements

This plugin relies on a few things to work correctly:

  • SqueezeCenter 7.0 or later. Whilst it would be possible to rewrite this plugin to also work on earlier versions of SlimServer, I'm not going to do it as I only run version 7.
  • Linux or Windows. At present this will only work if you have SqueezeCenter running on a Linux or Windows server. This is because it relies on the specific kernel features of those operating systems to spot changes to your music files. There are equivalent interfaces available under MacOS and probably others as well, so it should be possible to add support for those systems too.

Linux-Specific Requirements

There are some additional requirements, if you're running Linux:

  • Linux::Inotify2. This Perl module is required for the plugin to interface to the inotify kernel support. It's not installed with SqueezeCenter so if your Linux distribution doesn't provide it then you can find it on CPAN:Linux::Inotify2.

Windows-Specific Requirements

There are some additional requirements, if you're running Windows:

  • You must run SqueezeCenter from the perl source code under ActivePerl, rather than the compiled version. This is because it relies on extensions that aren't included in the bundled version of Perl that Logitech supplies with the installation. If you don't run SqueezeCenter from source then the plugin will not work. ActivePerl is available from here. If you want to know how to run the source code version of SqueezeCenter then refer to the following links as a starting point - if you're not comfortable with this, however, then I wouldn't recommend going down this route:


The briefest of installation instructions are available at source:trunk/INSTALL. Once you've installed it, that's it - it will work automatically with no further configuration being required (although you can tweak the configuration within the system settings for the plugin if you want).


See the DownloadingAutoRescan page for details.


The AutoRescan plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. You are free to use, distribute or modify it, but you must maintain this license on any derived works. The source code of the plugin is all contained within the plugin download.

Feedback and Comments

I always welcome feedback on the plugin. Whether you have a found a bug, require some help, or just want to say what you think of it, feel free to get in touch.

If you've found a bug, have an enhancement idea, or any other general comments then just drop me an email to stuart@….

Many thanks for reading, now kick back and enjoy the plugin!


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