Updated Lazy Search Plugin

I have updated the Lazy Search plugin - changes are as follows:

  • Added German translation by Dieter (thanks for that, Dieter).
  • Added Spanish translation by Nestor (thanks for that, Nestor).
  • Added lazy searching of genres (a new submenu item has been added). Thanks for the suggestion, Nestor.

Lazy Searching Becomes a Plugin

I've remodelled my Lazy Search patch to now be a SlimServer "plugin", which should make it accessible to many more people as they no longer need to modify their server source code.

FLACulance Script Available

I've written a simple Perl script that allows you to easily compute and store Replay Gain tags for a directory tree of music. The script will use the folder structure to recognise albums to ensure that both album and track tags are correctly computed.

You can find the script here.

Updated Lazy Search Patch

I've updated my Lazy Search patch to include player preferences.

Lazy Searching (SlimServer 6.2)

I've updated my SlimServer Lazy Searching patch for version 6.2.

Lazy Searching (SlimServer 5.4.1)

I've posted a patch to implement an improved form of searching with the Squeezebox remote control that I call Lazy Searching. You can find details here.

Automatic Offline Compression to FLAC+CUESHEETS

I've written a couple of scripts and a HOWTO on this. It explains a method of allowing your (slow) compression job to be offloaded to your music server whilst preserving the tags and full cuesheet in Exact Audio Copy.

You can find the page here.

Nightly Download and Installation Script

I've written a script to automatically download and install a SlimServer nightly release. This has been written for Gentoo Linux, but should be easily tailorable for other uses.

You can find the script here.

Edit: I'm now using Subversion and so I'm not using this method any more; still, some others may find it useful.

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