Gallery Re-Registration Required

I've now embedded Gallery2 within WordPress. Unfortunately, this means you'll need to re-register to access the gallery.

The way to do that is to register for this main site (*register* at the bottom of the sidebar), and when I've approved the registration you'll be able to see the contents of the gallery.

Moving to WordPress

I've moved the main body of my site over to Wordpress. If you have any trouble accessing any content then please let me know.

I've tried to ensure that the main old paths are remapped to appropriate permalinks in this new structure, but if I've missed anything just email me.

Apply ReplayGain to a FLAC Tree


Recent versions of SlimServer and the SqueezeBox2 support Replay Gain, a technology to remove the annoying difference in recording levels between different albums. Replay Gain for FLAC is completely non-destructive - you can always choose whether or not to make use of the Replay Gain tags when playing, and if you choose not to the original data is preserved completely unchanged.

Workflow for Offline Compression to FLAC+CUESHEET

Note: Since SlimServer 6 I have switched to using individual FLAC files for each track on an album rather than the single FLAC and CUESHEET method described here. I found that the support in SlimServer for FLAC+CUE was not totally reliable, and was broken more frequently by development changes than support for individual FLAC files.


In this area of the site I've collected together various bits and bobs that I've built up over time that might be of use to other people. Feel free to download and use anything you find here. You're also welcome to modify them and include them in your own developments, but please include a credit for me if you do. See the 'development' page tree in the sidebar for specific pages.

Nightly Download and Installation Script

Note: Since SlimServer 6 I have been using Subversion to track nightly builds. I would recommend this over the approach documented here as it has two main advantages: it only downloads the differences, and it allows you to preserve local modifications to the SlimServer source. However, I've left this page here as it may be of use to somebody.

Squeezebox Development

I use a number of Logitech/Slim Devices Squeezeboxes, and have been extremely impressed by them. Not only do they sound excellent (with optical and coaxial digital outputs for my off-board DAC), but they have a lively and helpful development community, too.

This area of the site contains scripts, tips and plugins that I have developed to make my life with Squeezeboxes easier - maybe they'll be useful for you too?

A Life in the Day

JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH (aka GRAHAM FELLOWS, actor), 56, singer-songwriter, lives in Sheffield with his wife, Mary, 53, and children, Darren, 20, and Karen, 17. Interviewed by Ria Higgins. Photograph: John Angerson

"I read Exchange & Mart in bed. Or Mary gets out the Argos Catalogue and we'll look at the sovereign rings together"

Updated Lazy Search Plugin

I've updated my Lazy Search plugin again; latest changes are:

Updated Lazy Search Plugin

I've updated my Lazy Search plugin again; latest changes are:

  • I've added a partial workaround for the 'playlists cause duplicate artists' bug. This is a particularly unpleasant workaround - see the Bugs section above for details.
  • Note that this won't fix the problem of duplicates being introduced through 'browse music folder', however.
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