LazySearch Plugin v1.1 Released (for SlimServer 6.2.x/6.3.x)

I've released a minor bug-fix version of the plugin for SlimServer 6.2.x/6.3.x (ie the 'stable' release of SlimServer). The following changes have been made:

  • Cosmetic change to plugin settings text - 'songs' is the accepted SlimServer word (I sometimes used 'tracks').
  • Fixed crasher when pressing PAUSE or STOP in lazy search entry/browse mode (thanks to Sergio for reporting it and testing the fix).

You can find the plugin here.

SlimServer 'split-scanner' and Lazy Search Plugin

The split-scanner work that that has been progressing in a separate SlimServer development branch has now dropped into the main 6.5 development trunk.

What this means is that if you're using 6.5 and the Lazy Search plugin you're going to see breakage for a while. My plan is to wait a couple of weeks for the main trunk changes to settle down and then start updating the plugin to work with the new database model.

Lazy Searching plugin development moved to Trac

I have now moved plugin development into the Trac system. This allows easier integration with the source code management system as well as a more convenient way to edit documentation and track issues.

I've also taken to using real version numbers rather than revision numbers for releases - that should be easier to follow (it was especially confusing with maintenance of the 6.2 branch using revision numbers that made it appear newer than the 6.5 trunk!). Version numbers are as follows:

Leiston 2006 Photos Online

For those in the know, I've made photos available here.

Another update to Lazy Search plugin

I've just produced Revision 70 of the plugin. Nothing revolutionary in this update, but more simplification and a few bug fixes:

  • It now uses the "rescan done" subscription rather than the previous rather complicated timer-based approach to work out when the scan has finished.

Email Notifications Now Available

It is now possible to enable an email subscription when add comments on this site. Use this, for example, to be notified of changes to the [Lazy Searching]( plugin page, or similar.

"Get Your Lazy Searching Kicks, with Revision 66"

Revision 5843 of the SlimServer 6.5 development trunk included my requested enhancement for 'customsearch' columns within the database. This has allowed me to simplify some of the plugin as well as fixing the occasional problem of duplicate artists appearing within the database.

You can find the updated plugin here.

Lazy Search Plugin Updated for 6.5 Trunk

The update was quicker than I expected; you can download Revision 65 of the plugin here if you've upgraded to a recent nightly SlimServer version and have found problems with the lazy search plugin.

Lazy Searching Plugin Breakage with 6.5 Trunk

If you're using my Lazy Search plugin with the latest 6.5 trunk you'll notice some problems due to the evolving nature of the trunk. These are due to two areas that I can see:

  1. The command dispatch mechanism has changed (I need that to implement my workaround for the duplicate artists problem that some people have reported).

Lazy Searching Plugin Updated for 6.5 Trunk

If you've been using my Lazy Search plugin then you may have noticed that it has stopped working with the most recent SlimServer 6.5 development trunk. You can download an updated version of the plugin here.

This release contains two changes:

  • As a hint, now shows an asterisk overlay on line 1 when a delayed search is pending (ie when you see this you know that if you wait the search will be performed).
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