SqueezeCenter 7.0 Officially Released

Slim Devices' Squeezebox

SqueezeCenter 7.0 (the new name for SlimServer) has now been officially released. I've submitted a new Gentoo ebuild for this release and it should soon be available in the official Portage tree.

I intend to release a non-beta Lazy Search plugin to match this release soon, with a couple of new ideas implemented. In the meantime, however, the current beta release of the plugin available from this site works fine.

AutoRescan 1.0b3 Released

Hot on the heals of yesterday's version of AutoRescan comes 1.0b3, a slightly updated version of the plugin that should be compatible with the older version of Linux::Inotify2 that is found in stable Debian systems.

I've not tried this on Debian, but I have tried it with that same version of Linux::Inotify2 on my Gentoo system and it seems to work.

The plugin seems to be working reasonably well now, although I've just noticed a bug when directories are moved around - still, it should be OK with basic actions such as copying new music onto your server.

You can find it in the usual place:


Updated AutoRescan Plugin Available

I've just created an updated version of the AutoRescan plugin. This catches a few more directory change notifications and so should catch some events the previous version missed.

You can get it from the usual place:


Gentoo Package for SqueezeCenter 7

Gentoo Logo

I've been contributing Gentoo ebuilds for the developing SqueezeCenter 7 for a while now. You can find them in the official Portage tree under media-sound/squeezecenter. These ebuilds are currently tracking the nightly releases of the stabilising 7.0 branch, which is expected to be officially released soon. When it is released I intend to produce a stable 7.0 version and then continue producing updated ebuilds for nightlies, but tracking the 7.0.1 release that is pretty sure to follow. I'm trying to produce an updated nightly ebuild approximately weekly (read that carefully!).

AutoRescan Plugin for SqueezeCenter

I've written a plugin to automatically detect changes to your music files and update the SqueezeCenter music library, without you having to manually initiate a rescan or wait for a scheduled rescan.
It relies on the Linux inotify kernel interface, so this version is Linux-only I'm afraid.
Get it here:

Jive Lazy Search Interface Idea

Jive Lazy Search Idea 1

Whilst I'm waiting for the hardware (it's due today), here's an idea for a Jive-based lazy search user interface. This is based on some ideas I've seen from my car's navigation system, some comments in the forum, and some (slight) creativity on my own part. You can click the image thumbnail for a larger version.

Jive Hardware Beta

I'm very pleased to say that I've been invited onto the Slim Devices/Logitech Jive Hardware Beta test programme.

File Downloads Fixed

I've realised that a permissions problem prevented file attachments from appearing on this site, which might have been confusing. I've fixed that now and so you should be able to download files agian.

"We apologise for the inconvenience."

Lazy Search Plugin 3.0b2 Released

Lazy Search Music plugin logo

I have produced a small update to the plugin version that is tracking the development version of SlimServer - v3.0b2.

There's little visible difference in this update but I have moved to the new 'modular' preferences structure and implemented validation on the plugin settings page.

Fill your boots here.


Moving to Drupal

In light of the recent security problems with WordPress, and because I fancied a change, I've migrated this site to Drupal.

It's quite possible you'll find things that have been broked by the migration - if so just let me know.

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